Almond festival in Cyprus

Almond festival in Cyprus

“Almond blossom sent to teach us that the spring days soon will reach us”

For the 14th time, Cyprus almond blossom festival was organized in Limnatis village. This time I managed to go and spend this beautiful Sunday at the festival. Limnatis is often described as a village of almond trees. It has the most almond trees all over the island. The village is located about 20 km from Limassol. It is quite easy to find, you will need to head north-west from the city. The Festival attracts many residents and tourists from nearby villages and cities.

What can you find at the Almond festival?

At the festival along with the almonds, of course, you can try a great variety of fruits, Cypriot deserts, traditional dishes, etc. You can also buy other almond products (handmade almond oil, almond milk, etc.) for the bargain prices. Handcrafters don’t miss the┬áchance to demonstrate their creations during such events, and visitors have a great opportunity to get something special. I ended up going home with fresh almonds, dry apricots and a bar of handmade soap.

I always enjoy this type of events in Cyprus since it is where you can feel Cypriot culture, traditions and understand that this island is much more than just beautiful beaches.

Next time you are in Cyprus during almond blossom season, make sure you visit the event in Limnatis.


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