Have you ever thought whether you are a tourist or a traveler? What is the difference between these two? Is it better to be one or another? Let’s try finding answers to these questions together. 


Tourists are visiting the country for a short period of time and go mainly sightseeing. Being a tourist means going to Rome to see Colosseum, visiting Egypt to see pyramids or flying to Dubai and admire the fountains. They usually have their trip organized to the details, always traveling with a map. Tourists are not getting out of their comfort zones easily and travel only when there is a saved budget for a specific trip.


Travelers, on the other hand, are adventurers. While visiting Italy, they might spend a week in Tuscany or Manarola   ( a place tourists probably never heard of).  Being a traveler means traveling with a backpack, not having a detailed plan, doing the best to meet local people and local culture. Most of the travelers are either always broke because all money is spent on trips or they work while traveling and it becomes their job. 

Travelers vs tourists

I personally think that when you have a full-time 8 hours job with  20 days of paid leave, becoming a traveler is almost impossible. Having a week for a visit in France, we will most likely plan the trip to the details, make a list of sights we want to visit and surely among them Eifel Tower, Louvre, Notre-Dame de Paris or maybe Disneyland.  As tourists, we will make the most of our time because we are organized. 

Most of the travelers connect their job with a travel, it becomes their life. In the 21st century, when the technology is so advanced, we live in the digital world. This provides a lot of opportunities for remote jobs, which you can perform from any part of the world. That’s what travelers do and experiences they get are unforgettable. Here you can read about Kim and Jaezy, a Belgian couple who quit their 8 hours jobs to become full-time travelers. 

Since I also have 8 hours job (for now) I am trying to be a combination of both types when visiting a foreign country. I am planning my trip but not to the details, I book a return ticket, a place to stay, have a list of a few sights to visit and the rest is unplanned. I always try to eat local cuisine while traveling and discover new things, meet new people. This way I enjoy my trips the most.

Whether you are a tourist or a traveler, try to enjoy your trips to the fullest since this world is amazingly beautiful.


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