Skydiving in Cyprus

Skydiving in Cyprus

Each of us has a bucket list, and skydiving is probably in all of them. The question is how many can tick it off. I have already tried scuba-diving, windsurfing, zip line, and parasailing, but the skydiving experience in Cyprus took it to another level.

I am neither an extreme sports lover nor an adrenaline junkie. I simply love trying new things, to discover my own potential and explore the world. I wish I started doing it earlier, but only recently it came to me that the purpose of life is actually in LIVING it, and not just existing!

heading to the plane

Skydiving was my dream, although I am terrified of heights. Ziplining in Armenia was a way to overcome this fear at least by a little bit. I believe it worked since only after it the decision to jump out of a plane was finally taken.

Last seconds before the jump

Cyprus Parachute Association was a great choice for my tandem jump. These guys are highly qualified professionals, and it was clear from the beginning. We received a proper training, they repeated everything again in the plane, explained all possible scenarios and emphasized on not attempting to grab the instructors’ hands, because apparently, that’s when they would detach us, we were told jokingly (the guys are funny).

We were on the plane climbing to 12 000 feet. I didn’t feel any fear at that point, the breathtaking view of Larnaca and Agia Napa was magnificent. My instructor checks the last details, I see skydivers who were with me on the plane, opening the door of the aircraft and jumping out one after another like a suicide squad. That’s when I thought: “what the hell am I doing?”.  They arranged a co-jumper to video the whole jump (you can see it here).


The next thing I remember is being out of the plane, and that was awesome. A strong wind blowing into my face while freefalling roughly 30 seconds. A moment of freedom, flying like a bird, realizing how beautiful this world is and how amazing this LIFE is.

The parachute opened, and I told the instructor that birds have all rights to sh.t on us. He agreed. We were gliding in the air over this beautiful island, it was so quiet and peaceful up there…The instructor made a few nice turns, and we started descending to the ground.


We landed…it was over. I was overwhelmed with happiness, emotions and the desire to do it again. Maybe one day, even though I want to keep this first-timer feeling as long as possible.

Next time you are in Cyprus, consider striking the skydiving off the bucket list at  Kingsfield parachute center in Dhekelia. In my opinion, each and every person in the world must experience it at least once.







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