Cyprus: a country that stole my heart

Cyprus: a country that stole my heart

I have been living in Cyprus for the last 10 years (!). I’ve met people here who stayed for a few years and then left because it became too small for them. I have also met people who kept complaining about Cyprus: how boring and hot it is, how “not European” it is, etc. Guess what? Those who left the country either came back at some point or keep missing it because this island is simply created for love, and once you visited it, your heart is conquered forever. People, who call it boring or small, didn’t have a chance to explore it. As I said, 10 years passed and still lots to see. It is all about a viewpoint.

Blue waters

Cyprus is famous for its Blue Flag beaches (the detailed description can be found on the website of Cyprus tourism organization here. Breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea are all over the island. It is simply not possible to get tired of them. The most well-known location for the cleanest blue beaches is Protaras, it is a popular tourist destination for families and couples. Recently, however, I participated in beach cleaning and in one day 100 volunteers collected 3.3 tons of garbage. It is a big shame! Imagine, if the blue flag beaches are in this state, what is going on with the rest of the world?!

Picturesque villages

Village road in Kato Drys
View at Fikardou village

Apart from amazing beaches, the island has charming villages for rural life lovers. Agrotourism here became quite popular not only among the tourists but locals as well. Nothing is better than escaping a city life especially during summer heat or in search of snow and get a relaxing getaway in one of the picturesque villages of Cyprus like Lefkara, Kato Drys or Kakopetria. There is a number of villages located in Marathasa region (more about Marathasa read here), which often become a favorite choice for agrotourism. 

Country of history

Cyprus is a small island with a big history. Over the centuries it was ruled by a number of conquerors including Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Turks, British. There are several archeological sites including Amathus in Limassol and  Archeological park in Kato Paphos, which I consider to be museums under the open sky. Both sites are included in the UNESCO and include monuments from prehistoric sites to Middle Ages. 

Divided island

For those of you who don’t know, Cyprus is a divided island and one part is under the occupation of Turkey from 1974. By visiting Nicosia, you can walk to the northern occupied part of Cyprus by crossing a checkpoint. You will notice a big difference between the two sides once you cross the border. Until now no solution is found to a Cyprus problem.

I will write more about Cyprus in my future posts since from 10 years’ experience I have a lot to share. Meanwhile, think about spending your next holiday on the island of Aphrodite. 




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