Kalopanayiotis: visit one of the most beautiful villages of Cyprus

Kalopanayiotis: visit one of the most beautiful villages of Cyprus

A Venetian bridge in Kalopanagiotis

Kalopanayiotis is one of the villages located in the gorgeous Marathasa valley in Cyprus. Surrounded by alluring nature, the village has a lot to offer during all seasons of the year. Looking for a short getaway, I have decided to visit Kalopanayiotis for a weekend. Here are some things you don’t want to miss while visiting this place.

Where to stay in Kalopanayiotis?

While choosing the accommodation in Kalopanayiotis, I had to rely on booking.com. The decision for a weekend trip was taken quite fast and there was no time to ask around. The most popular place to stay is the Casale Panayiotis hotel boutique, but we had a plan to stay only for one day. I came across the traditional village house accommodation Agios Andronikos which was among the top recommended. The location of the house is just perfect: far from busy village neighborhood, surrounded by the trees, just above the river. The windows are facing Nature, you are falling asleep with the sound of the river and waking up with the rising sun and birds singing. Since the house is quite big, all the rooms are given for rent separately. Most probably, you will have neighbors with who you will share the veranda, but we were not bothered by that at all.

The accommodation was clean, had everything needed for a comfortable holiday. We paid 60 EUR for the room, which I consider a bit expensive in April for agro-tourism (there was no breakfast). The only thing I would add is some coffee with milk to be kept in the kitchen since you really want to enjoy a cup of coffee at the veranda with that magnificent view. Check out Agios Andronikos on booking.com and by booking any accommodation via this link, you will get 15 EUR back to your account after your visit is completed.

St.Ioannis Lampadistis monastery: Unesco heritage

view at the part of St. Ioannis Lampadistis monastery

The complex of three churches dates back to the 11-12 century. One of the chapels collapsed and rebuilt in 17-18 centuries. The monastery is protected by UNESCO and keeps well preserved ancient icons. You can read about opening hours of the monastery and the museum located nearby on the official website of a Cyprus tourism organization here.

Agios Andronikos and Agia Athanasia chapel

Another chapel to visit for those who like ancient churches is Agios Andronikos and Agia Athanasia chapel of the 16th century. You will find it right next to the traditional house described above. The chapel is unique because of its wall paintings. I am a person who usually avoids big crowded churches, this kind of chapels inspire me: ancient, tiny, open all the time, surrounded by nature and almost always empty.

Where to eat?

Restaurant Pantheon in Kalopanayiotis

Pantheon restaurant became our favorite choice for the following reasons.

First, the scenery is breathtaking. The restaurant is located on the upper road, from where you can enjoy the spectacular views of the village.

Second, the service is really nice, prices -reasonable and food is delicious. Pantheon became our choice for dinner. In the morning we tried to find another place for breakfast but recommended to us Troullino restaurant stopped serving breakfast at 10.30 am. Another nearby restaurant Vizantino we found too expensive, the popular on Tripadvisor taverna “Old cinema” was closed, so we came back to Pantheon for breakfast 🙂

Kava bar-restaurant in Kalopanayiotis

In the evening we headed to Kava located right in the center of the village, where we planned to get a glass of wine. The doors were opened, no one inside. We went in anyway and were impressed with an interior which reminded of Medieval times. The venue is used frequently for various events.

Since no one appeared, we made our way to another recommended place called Cafe Oinos. Very cozy, with a retro design this cafe-bar seemed to be a popular place among the locals.

Have a walk in the village and talk to the locals

Kalopanayiotis is a village, where you simply cannot get bored. Even just walking and exploring it is really interesting. You can take a glass lift to move between the upper and lower roads of the village (the ticket for one way costs 1 EUR). If you are in a hiking mood, there is a nature trail with a river, 16th-century Venetian bridge and plenty of fresh air.


Library is another great place in Kalopanayiotis to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee along with an interesting book. Once it was a residential house, which became a library after the owners died.

A traditional shop “Pragmatouthkia”or Little treasures

Before heading back home, pass by the traditional shop “Little treasures” and get some sweets, herbal tea, organic honey or a souvenir for yourself or your loved ones.

I hope the above comes handy when you visit Cyprus and Kalopanayiotis. Additional info about things to do in the village you can get here



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