Traveling abroad for the first time

Traveling abroad for the first time

My first time of traveling abroad (besides ex-Soviet countries) was in France. We had an international dance festival to attend. I had to choose between this trip and preparation for exams to enter the university. I thought I could combine both and went to France with a couple of books packed in my suitcase.

A little of France, a lot of emotions


Due to the tight schedule of the festival, we were not able to see France properly. We stayed in Marseilles and were taken to Paris for a day, but that was definitely not enough. Even the offer of the organizers to take us for a boat ride on the river Seine was declined simply because the weather was cold and our director couldn’t risk for one of us getting sick before the dance performance.

Despite all of that, I was happy to meet people of other nationalities, observe them, see what we have in common and what is different. I met people from such places as Fiji Islands, Easter Island, Spain, Mexico, Bulgaria, Moldova, and many others. Who knows whether I will ever have an opportunity to visit some of those countries again. For a week we stayed, ate, danced together and there were a lot of tears when some of them had to leave earlier than the others.


Before traveling abroad for the first time, I was a quiet kid minding my own business. I liked to read, wasn’t too social, On that trip, I have discovered my new-self. I didn’t miss a chance to practice my English with the participants of the festival, didn’t afraid to make mistakes. I completely forgot about my studies because I knew that this week would come to the end and I would go back to my routine, wanted to learn as much as possible from the people of the world.

My mum was a part of our dance group, so she was there with me and she told me later that she wouldn’t recognize her own daughter. This transformation was for the best though. I didn’t get enough points during the exam for a grant, we didn’t have money to finance my education, so I entered another University. I am happy that everything worked out the way it did because otherwise, I might have never ended up in Cyprus.

Traveling abroad: lessons

My first time abroad has not only transformed me but also taught something very important. Traveling, meeting people of different backgrounds, cultures is the best way to live life, learn about the world and yourself. There is no university that can replace the knowledge and experiences obtained through traveling.

Every time I go back to those memories, they bring a big smile on my face. That’s what matters, that’s what remains until the end.



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