Traveling alone: is it boring?

Traveling alone: is it boring?

At the edge of the world

I have traveled alone and I don’t find it boring at all. If you are comfortable with yourself and not a boring person, then why would you be bored in the first place? I think sometimes people might need to hit a road on their own to think about stuff, get inspired, escape the daily routine. However, I personally know those who don’t travel unless they have a company. Why? One says: “I am not a loser to travel alone“, the other is scared to go anywhere by herself. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of traveling solo in this post.

Why travel solo?

I believe that traveling solo might contribute to your personal growth and make you learn new things about yourself. When you are on your own, you gotta plan, organize everything without any help. You are the only responsible over there.

Please, believe me, you don’t know what you can do until you try. Imagine a shy introvert person decides to go on a trip alone. Is there any chance that he might start socializing with others more, asking for directions or trying to make friends in a foreign country? I think the chances, in this case, are much higher than if this person had traveled with his best friend, who would do everything for him.

Another great thing about solo travel is your own schedule: no sacrifices, no compromising. You eat whatever and whenever you want, visit places you want to visit, follow your own rhythm. What can be better? 🙂

You never know who you meet during your travels. Your journey could start in solo but you could end it with a couple of new friends or a love of your life 🙂 Sometimes, it is easier to meet new people when you are on your own. Just remember to keep your mind straight and not trust everyone you meet along the way.

Disadvantages of traveling solo

I don’t see any 🙂 But let’s try to understand others and look at their arguments below:

“It is expensive”: yes, it can be since you don’t have anyone to share expenses on accommodation, car rent, food, etc. I, however, disagree again. I think it depends on how you plan it. If you are on a really tight budget, there are various legit sources which connect travelers so they can share some costs during certain points of their travels. On the other hand, you are your own boss: identify the budget, plan your trip, get back safe.

“It is not safe”: life is dangerous and we will all die sooner or later. You don’t need anyone to start thinking and prevent yourself from troubles. Yes, nowadays, we need to watch our backs, but it doesn’t mean that this should stop you from adventures (with calculated risk in my case ) 🙂

In my opinion, everyone should try solo traveling at least once in their life. In traveling with others you can find a lot of fun, but in traveling alone you might find yourself.

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