What not to miss in Jordan during a short 3 days trip

What not to miss in Jordan during a short 3 days trip

Are you or your friends planning a short weekend trip to Jordan? Give me 10 minutes of your time and I will describe you the detailed plan of our 3 days holiday. You can simply follow our steps and I assure that you will come back fulfilled with emotions, gorgeous photos, and unforgettable memories.

Day 1: Visiting Petra

Jordanian adventures: exploring Petra

Our trip was taken in December, it is supposed to be a low-season, but Petra was still full of tourists. I can only imagine what is going on here during the high season. We have arrived at Amman airport early in the morning. Straight away we hired a taxi and headed to Petra. It is highly recommended if you are traveling with friends since the taxis are quite expensive. Otherwise, there is always a bus option. Prepare for a 4 hours drive, during which you will probably sleep since there is no much to see outside.

The hotel we stayed at was booked in advance from Cyprus and I would recommend it to everyone who visits Petra. Located within 5 minutes from Petra, Town Season Hotel was a great choice. We checked in and one of the hotel owners offered us a FREE drive to the entrance of Petra. He has informed also about closing hours and told us to call him for picking us up. The hotel offers a delicious dinner with stunning views at Petra. You can book your stay following this link

Jordanian adventures: Petra

We had around 5 hours to see at least a part of Petra and were determined to reach the Treasury. Forgot to mention that there was no entrance fee for us since we got a Jordanian pass. Read all about it here.If you are spending in Jordan 72 hours or more, it will waive also your visa fee and in general, helps to save a lot of money while visiting tourist attractions.

To explore Petra fully, you need around 3 days. We had 5 hours only. With the help of local bedouins who asked for around 20 EUR, we hiked to the top viewpoint, where we could see the Treasury building from above. On the way, we stopped at the bedouin tent, they offered us a cup of traditional tea. After a short break, we continued until we reached the point where I took the above picture from.

It is hard to find the words to describe the feelings after seeing such scenery. Stunning, mysterious, ancient Treasury mesmerized with its beauty. Questions were popping up in the head, I simply couldn’t understand how was it possible to build something like that at those times? Slowly, we came down and there was another team of bedouins waiting for us to offer a ride on donkeys until the Monastery, another famous building in Petra.

Exploring Petra: local Bedouins

Bedouins will talk a lot, be a bit careful and make sure to bargain. We agreed for a donkey ride but after a while, I realized that it was half an hour left until the closure so we have decided to go back. Bedouins were insisting to take us until the Monastery persuading that Petra never closes, we decided otherwise. At the exit I asked the security whether Petra really never closes, he said that all tourists must be out until the specific time. We were tired but extremely satisfied to witness the beauty of this Wonder of the world.

Day 2: Spending a day and a night at Wadi Rum desert

One of the advantages of travel during the low season is having an opportunity to book amazing places for affordable prices. That’s how we ended up in a Wadi Rum Night Luxury camp. It was the best decision and one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever had. Check out the photos and book your stay at the camp here

Jordan adventures: Wadi Rum luxury night camp

The camp offers tents and bubbles, which are slightly more expensive. Since our visit was in December we were not sure about the weather and visibility of a night sky, which you can admire from a bubble, we booked normal tents. All facilities, including a shower, toilet, AC and heater are provided in a tent. It is basically a hotel room in the middle of a desert.

At the camp we were offered a jeep safari ride, following with a camel ride and sunset watch. There were very few people in a desert and this made the whole experience even more beautiful. The desert had its influence, I saw some people meditating sitting on the cliffs and sand dunes. It was a great place to think about life and maybe find some answers.

Jordanian adventures: Wadi Rum view

This graceful day ended with a delicious traditional dinner, music, dance, tea, and narghile around the fire at the party organized by local bedouins.

Day 3: Heading to Amman

We were in love with Wadi Rum. That’s why instead of getting back to Amman early, we had our breakfast at the desert, walked around and took a taxi to Amman around noon. You will need approximately 4 hours to reach Amman, the weather over there was not the best, it was raining, there was a rush hour as well. After reaching our hotel, we showered, changed and went out to discover a city center.

We took a taxi and went to the Rainbow street to get some food. Our choice was Sufra restaurant which we found on the Trip Advisor. It is not cheap, but the food was very delicious., love the interior and the coziness of the atmosphere. There is no alcohol served in Jordan except British pubs, we were happy with our juices.

We called the same taxi driver to pick us up and he took us for a Christmas fair at the Mall. He asked us whether we were planning to get to the hotel later, we were of course. Then, the driver didn’t take any money from us said that we could pay on the way back. This kind of trust amazed me, at the same time it is a good move to get loyal customers. Surely, we called him back and his father took us to the airport the next day.

That was the end of our Jordanian adventures.

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